Like Clock Work The Quince Blooms Every Year for the Solstice

Solstice Flower
Japanese Quince


Lemon about ready to pick
Lemon about ready to pick

I tripped out in the drizzly morning today to capture these pictures for CEE’s Odd Ball Challenge #51 They are Odd only because having grown up in the Mid-West to have flowers and fruit in full bloom on the shortest day of the year will always be a happy California surprise.

Here’s hoping the new sun that arrives tomorrow will bring you many gifts and surprises too.

One King with gifts for you
One King with gifts for you

Here is another present I got today My Oddities from the Holly Fait post on Carlisle from last week is a Featured blog on this week On Cee’s Odd ball Challenge.




7 thoughts

  1. Congrats on being featured and thanks for sharing the photo of the quince. When we lived in western Colorado the quince and forsythia were the first plants to bloom, but that was in February.


  2. My husband’s grandmother had a few quince trees in Northern California, and every year I would make quince jam. I was quite entranced by them at that time in my life, in my 30’s. To me, they were exotic and unusual. Your post brings back these memories.


  3. Seeing that lemon reminds me of the Lemon Tree they used to have at the Ponca Floral. It grew lemons about the size of a large grapefruit. They kept it for years and finally had to cut it down because it got so large. It was in their greenhouse. Do you remember it??



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