In The Dark Room

1-Labyrinth At UUCB Kensington CA

We create this labyrinth made of tinsel every Winter’s Solstice. A place to stand…still…along with the sun. Wandering forth and back until we reach the center. A reminder we are part and particles of a planet, a  solar system, a universe…if we pay attention we may learn the patterns and rhythms of our own nature. Shhh!

Ring the Bells! Welcome Yule!

Lapigeria Bolivian Bell Flower
2-Lapigeria: Bolivian Bell Flower Blooming Now


Created in Color Blast: All I needed for Christmas was an easy Black and White painting app that works!

An other great gift I received and hope you can use it too:
I was able to  easily add a lot more data for $20 through the WordPress store so I’m back in business on Light Words


Love to hear what you think

For Sally D’s Black and White Challenge

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19 thoughts

  1. How did you add more data for $20? Your images are stellar choices for this time of year. The first is a true representation of life’s journey that ebbs and flows, as do the seasons. The second is a view of the world that can be seen in a variety of ways. The human condition can see in technicolor or black and white; we just must use our inner vision to do so. Happy holidays. Happy Photo Challenge.


    1. To get more data. I just went to WP store and there is a page of add storage and you have choice of amounts.My way is to just keep clicking till I see what I want.

      Beautiful descriptions of my work, That is lovely gift in itself…to be seen for what I am doing.
      I’ll take and truly enjoy your happy Holliday wishes


  2. The labyrinth photo is a beauty and the bell flowers are a welcome pop of color on this foggy day. How do you like Color Blast?


    1. I’m still waiting for the sun over here too.
      I really do like Color Blast. For control It works best to use it on my tablet. It gives me the original colors.
      I think I bought the .99 cent version.
      Let me know if you try it.
      Stay dry or go out and splash around 💦
      Happy Solstice

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