Doors Wide Open

Christmas Carrousel In Tilden Park
Christmas Carousel In Tilden Park
Not Ready for Santa
Not Ready for Santa

What a wild and wonderful scene: friends and families, young and old running around OUT OF DOOR in the dark in the middle of winter in the presence of brilliantly lit carousel.

Outside Looking In
Outside Looking In

Creating the Door to the Labyrinth

Will be ready for Christmas Eve
Getting  ready for Christmas Eve

I showed last year’s completed Labyrinth on Monday’s Back and White Challenge. I thought, today, you might like to see it being built with sparkly tinsel, blue tape and several willing, hard-working labyrinth elves.

For anyone in the SF Bay Area invited to come walk the labyrinth all week as well enjoy it during 2 Christmas Eve services at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley .

From us
Cheer and good wishes from my family and me.

During this Holliday time may you find many wide open doors welcoming you into warmth, cheer, and peace.


For Norms Thursday Doors




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