Fun Fotos Shoots and Ladders



Oh Shoot! Moment


My brand new bird feeder (a shoot of sorts) broke and dropped down straight as soon as we hung it up.
The Husband said more then Oh Shoot!


It’s That Time of year again when we create our own shoots and ladders

Building The Labyrinth

Building The Labyrinth



Cee’s Fun Fotos Shoots and Ladders

Cee has been giving us photo Challenges of Children’s games this month. the one I remember from my daughter’s childhood is Candy Land. Talk about Oh Shoot! You would get almost to the end and hit Molasses Swamp and have to go back just like Shoots and Ladders, but for some reason we would never get out. I remember a 4 hour Candy land one cold winter’s day.
What game playing memories do you have?

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