Sunday Post: Perspective OOOOO!

Moon Hanger

Moon All Hung UP

Jake Sunday Post Perspective came just in time to share this shot of the recent super full moon caught up on my shaper’s crook plant hanger. OOOOO!

Big Golden Boots

Big Golden Belled Boots  OOOOO!

Taken at the San Francisco Carnival Parade.

Different views of perspective:

Weekly Photo Challenge: All Dressed “Up” & Poem Day 20

Dressed up for the prom

All dressed up for the prom

Prom Night

Smile take my picture

it’s that time of day

that time of year

to get all dressed up

and act like a grown up

you’ll never be

this young

this fresh

standing by the sea

standing in the sun again.


Carol Carlisle

On an evening drive around Berkeley Marina we came upon these lovely ladies all dressed up for a prom posing for one another. I stuck my smart phone out the car window said “smile” and they obliged me with big smiles lost in the light of the setting sun.  ( you think maybe this is a poem if I just change the line breaks?)

On an evening drive around the Marina

we came upon six lovely ladies

all dressed up for a prom, posing

for one another.

 to join in the ceremony

I put my camera up to the car window

said “smile”

 they obliged

lost in the light

of their own making.

 This is my take on Weekly Photo Challenge suggested the topic “Up” !

Sunday Post: People With Stylish Hats

Who among you has a Stylish Hat or 2?

Jake’s theme for the Sunday Post was People, and I couldn’t resit sharing this candid from the Solono Stroll. The Lady getting dog kisses is a well known, sprightly octogenarian, who is much photographed. Yes I know it’s Monday, but hey, I’m from laid-back and stylish California. 😉

In other news note my Post A Day Badge.  Isn’t it Stylish?.  If you haven’t noticed I have been doing a post a day since Jan. 1 but it was only yesterday that I finally figured out how to “grab” the badge with a lot of help of my friend.  It’s about time with less then 100 day left in the year. Thank you Lonnie. As always thanks Jakesprinters.

Come Dance in the Street With Me

Sunday was the 36th Annual Solono Stroll

I’m glad the geese woke me up yesterday for the 26 block long party with a parade,

food, games, a ferries wheel, and every kind of booths from political to ones selling home made do-hickeys .

But most of all  there was dancing in the street. Every one joined in young and old; sneaker wearing and a few brave enough to sport high heals and little more.

What shoes would you be wearing? I’m the one with the pink IPhone taking your picture  🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge with friends and Ice cream

Leaving the worlds best ice cream shop (Screamin Mimi’s Sabastapol, CA) my hat wearing friends and I turned around to admire the bright chairs we had just been sitting in and saw ourselves in the window.

“Let’s take a picture” our voices merged

The man’s hand and my hand merged.

All under the protective arch of a traffic light.

Inside and out merge.

Maybe there’s more

I wonder who Peggy is?*

I realize there may be strong opinions about the best ice shops and I can’t wait to hear them!  So please tell what is your favorite place to merge with frozen confections?

Oh and what is your favorite flavor or the most unusual flavor of ice cream you ever had?  Mimi’s has lavender, olive oil and I had hot chocolate, as in hot pepper hot!

*Can you find the name Peggy in the picture?

Weekly Photo Challenge Movement: Blustery Day on the Bay

The wind on the Marin Headland just North of the Golden Gate Bridge always blows but today it was exceptional. Just in time for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement. This beautiful Sari was ready to take flight into the San Fransisco Bay and turn this lovely Indian Lady into and Anglel.

Just below the Golden Gate Bridge this sail boat made me hold my breath as it tact into the wind. All was well and someone near by told us the sailors were having a good time playing with the wind.

Weekly Photo Challenge suggested this topic.