Leaves at Sunrise Write Poetry


Why would I run out barefooted  into the yard in November at sunrise?
To catch
of course.

She’s out there again, Dear!

I hope she finds what she’s looking for.

Lemon and crimson leaves last only a day.

True Story by
Carol Carlisle


What madness or mystery would it take to cause you to run out barefooted in November?

For Margo Rody and Sunday Stills Fire

Let’s Look at Parking Lot Skies

North Berkeley BART  Parking Lot after a rain

North Berkeley BART Parking Lot after a rain

Halloween  Sunset From BART Parking Lot

Halloween Sunset From BART Parking Lot

There were a number of posting on Facebook of this particularly dramatic sky but I was at the BART picking up my daughter so this is my version Halloween sunset 2014

Drop a friend off
Pick up my kid
I am moved
at the train station.

Which way do I look?

Last week I posted a parking lot picture too for Which Way.Challenge. Here’s why: there are just enough trees and hills around where I live so I have to make an effort to see the sky. The local parking lots stand in for the prairies of my Oklahoma childhood, where open space make room for free range sunsets, sunrises and star gazing, and I know which way to look.

Do you have access to the horizon?

Which Way Challenge

Sun Shine: Listening to The Solstice

The Wheel of the year has brought us to the longest day.
I wake early thinking it’s so late,
Get the newspaper and snap the sunrise
Marking the progress of the sun with a telephone pole.
Everything is speaking if we listen.

Daily Post Asked us to reflect on the Summer Solstice
Where’s My Backpack Wanted Shine
What are you listening to on this longest or shortest day?

Phoneography: Brakedown of a Brown Sunrise

Brown air sunrise with roses (without wires)

Brown air sunrise with roses (without wires)

You know the air will be bad when the sunrise is brown.This is suppose to be the Golden Hour for photography even if the sun is filtered through smog I think the backlit glow is beautiful. Out on the front steps I captured the few remaining roses on the Cecil Brunner along with a bit of a sad spider web on the right. The second Monday photo challenge is macro photography so I played with this one image. Dose each cropped image hold its own as a photo I wonder. Let me know which you like.

Cecil Brunner Roses at end of season

2-Cecil Brunner Roses at end of season


3-Moving in closer same pic


4-Single glowing rose hip

Lens and Pens our challenge leader has a beautiful array of peonies, please visit her site
Happy Monday.

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Weekly Photo Challenge Selfie: I Was Here on This Day Bright Day

Selfie and surf

Selfie and surf and Golden Gate Bridge (the 2 uprights on the horizon)

The waves at our edge of the Bay were white and foamy

fog was rolling in on the western shore.

After snapping pictures of children and dogs

romping in the surf,

a tiny crab tangled in sea weed,

I felt the need to be included,

I turned the camera on myself,

lined my fluffy hair up with foaming waves and clicked.

I had not heard the term “selfie” then

I just knew I wanted to record

that I had been at this place at this time

on this bright day.

 I have included

a whiff of sharp exotic air

blown in through the Golden Gate

from Shanghai, Bangkok, and Singapore.

Carol Carlisle

Weekly Photo Challenge Selfie Writes: “A selfie doesn’t have to be all about you; it can reveal much more, given the elements you choose to include.” I hope I took you along on my day at the beach.

One of these days I’ll learn to do a selfie that doesn’t  included a view up my nose. 😉 Any suggestion on how to do that would be appreciated.

 Other’s Selfies

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning of a Dramatically Different Year

Sun Rise Jan. 1 2013

Beginning of  2014

If the sun rise of the new year is any indication 2014 will be a dramatically different year then 2013. It is very spooky here (Northern California) with no rain (this is our rainy season) and day, after day of bad Mexico City-like-air. I plan each trip out of the house carefully to make sure I’m headed for a place with good ventilation…I hope this is not the beginning of the end! Bwahaha! Don’t tell me there is no Global warming.  Ok That’s my rant for ‘014. What’s yours?

Beginning of 2013

Beginning of 2013 from the same window as above.

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