Sun Rise Jan. 1 2013
Beginning of  2014

If the sun rise of the new year is any indication 2014 will be a dramatically different year then 2013. It is very spooky here (Northern California) with no rain (this is our rainy season) and day, after day of bad Mexico City-like-air. I plan each trip out of the house carefully to make sure I’m headed for a place with good ventilation…I hope this is not the beginning of the end! Bwahaha! Don’t tell me there is no Global warming.  Ok That’s my rant for ‘014. What’s yours?

Beginning of 2013
Beginning of 2013 from the same window as above.

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27 thoughts

  1. I am so worried about another drought. I think the last one was 40 years ago, and it was awful, all the plants died, and you could not luxuriate in the shower anymore!!! Of course, it is terrible for the farmers, the birds, and the wildlife. I hear that Folsom Lake has so little water that a gold rush town has been exposed on the bottom of it. I read somewhere that the truth is California is a desert. I think the name means hot furnace. Could be wrong about that, correct me.


    1. I remember that drought, not flushing “if it’s yellow let it mellow…” bricks in the toilet. I have several trees suffering now. Have to look up meaning of California. I do know LA was a desert or is one. The water they use is an illusion that they are an oasis. I took desert studies years ago…I learned how to live on low water, it may come in handy now!
      Pray for rain or dance or!!!


    1. Heavy rain, high tides and gale force winds in the UK. Many homes are flooded. Not a good start to 2014. Lots of infections doing the rounds. My husband has ‘man flu’ and we know how bad that is. We need frosts to kill off the bugs.


      1. Man Flu as appose to swine flu? Not sure I’ve had my shot for that. Bugs and floods eweee! We are nice and warm good for walks and Vitamine D absorption but my garden is sad, lost one tree and about to lose another 😀
        There needs to be a wordpress water initiative!!!
        Wear your wellys!


  2. We were that way the last couple of years, but finally the rains came and all is well. Getting a little dry again though. Come on back to Oklahoma Carol. We have had two ice and snow storms in the last month or so. Most of it here in S.E. Oklahoma!! I’m tired of winter already. Really odd weather we are having now. Yes, I do believe in Global warming to a certain extent. I think it wall all turn back around in later years. I probably won’t be here though. lol Supposed to snow again in the state this evening and night. Extremely cold temps too. I’m to old for this.


  3. I was thrilled that Secretary John Kerry’s next mission is global climate treaty. We need a collective unconscious to push toward policies that will help reverse human intervention in nature’s gardens. I wish that I could have sent you all the rain we had last night. Here in the Mid-Atlantic region it’s been a wet last few weeks. Today started in the 50s, and tomorrow morning it will be 10 or lower. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh.


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