Nurturing Thursday: Take Off on a Magic Sofa Ride

Cozy is Calling

House bound, imprisoned by the weather, flu or ennui?

Take this as an opportunity to embrace cozy,

Transform loneliness into solitude.

Set off on a magic sofa ride

Dress for adventure

in flannel pajamas and fluffy robe

Sink into soft cushions wrap up in warm blankets

let your imagination take you to

far-a-way places with strange-sounding names.

Meet new people, eat exotic food that

will agree with you.

Climb to great heights and explore deepest canyons

and have enough breath to sing

all without pain.

That’s what can happen when you take

a magic sofa ride!

Brewed in Percolator

Nurture Yourself this Thursday.

Posted in Collaboration with Becca Givens creator of Nurturing Thursday

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Wonder Wednesday: Destination Inspiration

Clouds over Mount Tam

Clouds over Mount Tam

They Say,

“sometimes you can see a flash of green just after sunset

look close, they say, such events are rare

spend time watching for the condor above the clouds”

They Say,

“climb every mountain, follow ever dream”

I listen when Hafiz says,

“Come dance with me,”

gliding, soaring, touchingphoto

grounding we will

say we are condors


never blinded by the light.

-Carol Carlisle

That is what this photo of clouds over Mount Tam inspired in me. Where does your imagination take you?

Daily Post asked for inspiration

Weekly Photo Challenge Golden Hour

Rainbow Cloud Caption Monday

Guest Photographer Kit Hewitt offers us these beautifully lit wispy clouds to stimulate our imaginations. I look foreword to what pictures, stories of poems this picture might stimulate.   And hey if you have photos of clouds send them along or let us know about your post. I’m willing to be a cloud clearing house.  Hmmm maybe in more ways than one. After all Light Words is here to brighten your day.

When Is A Tree More Than A Tree Wonder Wednesday Wants To Know?

Let’s Review

Last week’s belladonna flower brought poems of love and death.

Where will  this tree blow your imagination?

Dance with this image write the story or poem she suggests. When you have the it ready post it on your blog with a nod to Light Words and a note in my comments.

May Grace and Whimsy be with you.


Imagine A Peaceful Earth for Lunar New Year

Golden Fan at the Vietnamese Consulate SF. I don't know any thing about it but the images seem to suggest a Peaceful Earth

When I was 25 the thought of going to a Lunar New Year Party at the Vietnamese Consulate was a totally impossible to imagine: we were at war in”Nam”.  But Just last week, my 25 year old daughter borrowed my my camera to document her visit to that very Consulate.  The photos she brought back looked like a family reunion. There were pictures of  friends of sharing good food, baby hugging, and karaoke! (we have to imagine this, I don’t have names and permission) I can show this Beautiful Golden Fan  which to me symbolizes:

Things can changed over time!

Here we have a model for the possibility of change.

Let’s Imagine our Children Celebrating Spring with Iran or…

Pick a country or a person or  any idea you are are war with…

And Imagine it Changing…

I wonder what the first step would be?