shadow beneath the surface

Can we see the creatures

Can we see sea creatures

that dwell beneath the surface

monsters of the deep

of our conscious perception,

legends of dragons

and opens ourselves up to the

fears and hopes

unconscious energies of our emotions,

Poseidon will save us, the Sea witch will steal our voices!

and to the submerged psychic

We will discover we have enough of everything we need

structures of our personalities?

and we are lovable and capable.

Found poetry. The bold faced words are from a sentence, I found and modified, describing what we may experience during the eclipse and the shadow words are my interpretation.

6 thoughts

  1. I love this, particularly the photo. I’m always taking pictures of shadows, for so often they are more interesting than their “real” counterparts.


  2. Thanks for the feed back. I felt like no one would notice today because it was so gray. Yes I do like shadows too, they tell a completely different story than the real thing.


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