Jakesprinters suggested we post something we find DELICIOUS. It was not hard to find something Delicious at  the Saturday Mourning Farmer’s Market!

There’s every thing for a great Salad!

You can’t leave without some delicious Golden apples, even if they’re Gala  😉

13 thoughts

  1. Fruits are delicious and healthy that`s why i choose apple for this week theme I really love your entry Carol ,Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Wish we had a farmers market like that. Ours is just basics, althought very good basics. lol
    Not many showing up at the market with their produce now. The heat and dry weather really hurt this year. Still getting plenty of Okra though. One of my favorites. H’mmm, good fried okra!!!! Had some a couple of days ago!!



    1. You realize the state of California is one of the largest Agro-busyness in the world! The Central Valley is a lot like Oklahoma. I like the farmer’s markets because they support small family farms. I get to know them and their children. Okra! Yeah! I am proud to be fro Okra-homa 😉


  3. Great shots, Carol – our farmer markets are still going strong here with the late season crops but I think they close up after next week. I’ll miss that – maybe I’ll go take some shots before they are gone for the year – you’ve inspired me!


    1. Farmer’s Markets are fun to photograph, but it’s hard to manage the bag of goodies and the camera!
      Maybe your photos can sustain you till the market comes back in the Spring. Glad to inspire and artist Lynn. 🙂


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