Be Warned

as shadows grow long

there is no Lifeguard on duty.

Now it is time to

head away from the shore.

Summer is no more.

What message would you write about the end of this Summer? What flotsam and jetsam will you leave behind for beach combers to find?  What lovely memories of friends and family, sights seen or heroic events will you take with you to look at on cold winter nights?    Write  a post card to yourself right now before you forget.

12 thoughts

      1. Yes! My post For October 17th 🙂 sorry struggled to find away to connect you to it and send it your say. I will learn how for your next fascinating writers inspiration. Thank you Carol!


        1. I found your beautiful poem. You can just cut and paste the address from the finder to my comments. I hope that makes any sense. I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Can’t wait to see what you write next.


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