Music from Ray Charles to Get You Off Your Tookus to Go VOTE

After all the stress of the campaign, let Brother Ray Charles singing” Oh What a Beautiful Morning  cheer you on your way to the poles. It also should remind you of the beautiful FREE country we live in. and  what a privilege it is to VOTE!

Anne The Poster Girl is proud of you for Voting!

5 thoughts on “Music from Ray Charles to Get You Off Your Tookus to Go VOTE

  1. Actually went and voted yesterday. First time I have used the “early vote” privilage. Mary has to work at the church fixing a “funeral dinner” so she will be tied up most of the day. Sure didn’t want to miss voting!! The way I look at it, if you don’t go vote you don’t have the privilage to “gripe” if your choice doesn’t get elected. lol Anyway, whoever wins the races we need to support them.
    I hadn’t heard that song by Ray Charles in a long, long time. Thanks for putting it in your blog.



  2. I liked the pictures that go with video besides it is original the musical from Oklahoma. I do think the early voting is a good idea. I haven’t gone to the poles yet it is only 8 Jessie and i are going soon. I turn in my absentee ballet at the poles so I make sure it gets in lol.


  3. Love this song, Carol – great way to get out the vote! My brother sang this in a high school production of “Oklahoma.” It was said that the first night the musical opened in New York for its premier, a handsome guy strolled onto stage and sang this song, and the audience melted and audibly sighed. I sing it every morning in the garden 🙂


  4. Just went looking for who that singer was…Alfred Drake?…I remember John Raitt from the movie. I am from Oklahoma it was a very big deal when “Oklahoma” became the state song 1956…Beautiful Morning was just in the air as I grew up. It is coded in my DNA I do believe. Never understood what that elephant was doing in the corn field all we have i what anyway 😉


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