The Earth spinning around the sun,

the sun’s voyage through the Milky Way,

Stonehenge, the Mayan and

the greasy girlie pin-up calendar,

love sonnets and silly limericks, as well,

all bow to Chronos as keeper of time.

I prefer the God Chiron

whose chaos creates the irregular verse

of Autumn leaves.

Since we just enacted the drama of a 4 year election cycle we might want to consider (which means with the stars) How do you mark the Days of Your Life? Or What are the landmarks you navigate by?

6 thoughts

  1. Good picture. The trees here in S.E. Oklahoma are finally turning. About 3 weeks later than normal. Not as brilliant as usual but still really pretty. To much dry weather this year. Now I feel like fall is finally here. Was 85 here this past monday, but been in the low 70’s since. A cold front is moving in for the weekend with some rain (I hope) and cold. Then it will really feel like fall. Have some wood ready for our first hard freeze. Will feel good to have the fireplace. Sorry for the long response, but your picture made me ready for fall. lol



  2. My funny calendar I keep for a whole year guides me as far as keeping up with appointments…birthdays…grandkids activities…special dates…but, I guess I’m more guided by my feelings each day…and of course the weather can contribute too…mkg


  3. Hi Carol, there are some pretty cool apps on the IPhone aren’t there I also love the fact some pictures look like watercolors. I wonder how they will print up… Have you taken many pictures with your phone? Oh and thanks.


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