Sunrise 1/1/2013. Pink  float cloud drifting South to Pasadena for the Rose Parade!
Sunrise 1/1/2013. Pink flotilla of cloud drifting South to Pasadena for the Rose Parade! Such a sweet gentlel way to start the year. Let us hope it is a sign of things to come.

Music Meditation to start Year. It is good to find out some one else thought, as a child, all the miracles had already taken place long ago in Bible stories.

I Resolve keep on the look out and be grateful for Every Day Miracles!

I Resolve to keep making my own stories that just might be miracles.

11 thoughts

  1. That was a relaxing video. Thanks!! I did watch some of the Rose Parade this morning. Always have to check it out. Do you remember when I went out their with thePonca High school band and orchestra. Think way (way) back on that one Carol. It was 55 years ago!! I was there for the 68th annual Rose Parade. Now gee, does that make me old or not. It was 1958. Hey, at least I can remember it and have good memories of it. lol



    1. I certainly do remember you going to the Rose Parade and then the Grand Canyon and did you go to Disney Land too? Your photos where impressive in my memory! I must confess I see yesterday’s. Our big New Year’s event is always on Jan. 1 at a friends house all day!!!


  2. I decided to save this and listen to it at the end of my day. What a blessed decisions that was. Thank you, i so resonate with this “everything is holy now”. I can sit in church, although I don’t, and feel sad and frustrated or I can step outside and watch the sun rise, listen to the birds awake and know that the Divine is everywhere. What a joy.


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