Weekly Photo Challenge: Objects in Red For The New Year




Red is good luck for Chinese New Year!

Gung Hey Fat Choy

 means may prosperity be with you in Chinese

Weekly Photo Challenge Object

 I must add Daily Post Red Red is good luck for Chinese New Year

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Quote and Photo: How Do I Keep From Singing?

left over caroler pic

left over caroler picture “can’t keep from singing”

Last  week Ese’s Weekly Shoot and Quote suggested continual I never got around to posting for it but I had chosen the words of the old hymn and a stream picture (some versions say endless song)

“Life goes on an endless stream”

so this week when the theme is MUSIC I just add the next line for my quote:

“How do I keep from singing?”

an endless stream singing in winter

an endless stream singing in winter

As we celebrated the passing from 2013 to 2014 I kept thinking the words “life goes on.” It seemed important to hold on to nature’s messages of change: days growing longer while the earth shivers in it’s brown or white jacket and trees stand bare. I never am ready to put away the Christmas lights because I have to put up the Christmas music too.  Eva Cassidy’s version of “How Do I Keep From Singing” satisfies my winter music needs by rocking the sound of a carol with the soul of a gospel choir. Hope it does the same for you. EnJOY!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning of a Dramatically Different Year

Sun Rise Jan. 1 2013

Beginning of  2014

If the sun rise of the new year is any indication 2014 will be a dramatically different year then 2013. It is very spooky here (Northern California) with no rain (this is our rainy season) and day, after day of bad Mexico City-like-air. I plan each trip out of the house carefully to make sure I’m headed for a place with good ventilation…I hope this is not the beginning of the end! Bwahaha! Don’t tell me there is no Global warming.  Ok That’s my rant for ‘014. What’s yours?

Beginning of 2013

Beginning of 2013 from the same window as above.

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Nurturing Thursday: Embracing Creativity and Fun in The New Year


Everyone Has Cow Cake For New Years Eve Right?

My daughter, her friend and I made this cake for the friends mother’s 60th birthday! She got the cake but I got the giggly fun, Oreos and  shredded coconut all over my kitchen 😀

Woke up the next morning to a bright new year!

Sunrise New Years Day

The sun rose bright New Years Day.

Then off to a long-standing party where we all are over 60, where we symbolically burned  our old year and lit candles for the new year. My banner photo is of last years candles. Many of us have had or are waiting to have hips, knees or other parts replaced. One woman, Toni, commissioned our friend and musician John McCord to write a song for her hip replacement! Sing along if you like! Click on title of blog and open in server to view video.

And I created and published a You Tube Video!!!

Happy New Year! May 2014 be fretless!

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Cloud Capture Monday for a Busy Week

As a front moved  quickly through on Friday I captured the edge of it and the sun and is that the moon or a reflection.

As a front moved quickly through on Friday I captured the edge of it and the sun and is that the moon or a reflection? It was the new moon which begins Chines New Year so the sun and moon were conjunct then.

How many of the Animals from the Chinese Zodiac can you find in this parade of Clouds? Maybe you see something totally different. A Mardi Guars parade?  Maybe Cupid and friends?  There’s so much going on this week! Oh yes perhaps a president or two?

I also offer this poem today especially for those in the East digging out from storm. Many Blessings.

Just Now
In the morning as the storm begins to blow away
the clear sky appears for a moment and it seems to me
that there has been something simpler than I could ever
simpler than I could have begun to find words for
not patient not even waiting no more hidden
than the air itself that became part of me for a while
with every breath and remained with me unnoticed
something that was here unnamed unknown in the days
and the nights not separate from them
not separate from them as they came and were gone
it must have been here neither early nor late then
by what name can I address it now holding out my thanks.
~ W.S. Merwin ~
(The Pupil)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolve To Flow Like A River

Albany Estuary is a tiny protected corner of the San Francisco Bay and a stop over for migrating water birds. A good place to  guidance for the New Year:

Teach me to bend and flow
Teach me to be part of whole
Remind me of my wild nature
May I take wing into the future
With grace and courage                                                                                                                                               Let me become a spicy sage.

Weekly Photo Challenge Resolved

A Sweet Gentle New Years Resolutions

Sunrise 1/1/2013. Pink  float cloud drifting South to Pasadena for the Rose Parade!

Sunrise 1/1/2013. Pink flotilla of cloud drifting South to Pasadena for the Rose Parade! Such a sweet gentlel way to start the year. Let us hope it is a sign of things to come.

Music Meditation to start Year. It is good to find out some one else thought, as a child, all the miracles had already taken place long ago in Bible stories.

I Resolve keep on the look out and be grateful for Every Day Miracles!

I Resolve to keep making my own stories that just might be miracles.

Sunday Post: Fun Facts About New Years

"The wearing masks [for New Year] was to chase away evil spirits or for hiding them." Donald Dossey

“The wearing od masks [for New Year] was to chase away evil spirits or for hiding them.” Donald Dossey

Are we hiding from  or hiding our evil spirits?

Are we chasing away or hiding our evil spirits?

Donald Dossey’s book of Folk Lore has 12 pages of fun facts about New Years. Wearing mask is just one. Another, that most of us in the US know, is to eat black eyed peas on New years day to have good luck. My mom, no matter what else we had, would always server black eyed peas even if they were from a can. I have tried sometimes I just put the can out 😉  Did you grow up with any interesting new years traditions? That you keep?

Jakesprinters suggested this topic Tomorrow I will continue with Suggestions for how to make and keep New Years Resolutions.  If I post tomorrow I will have kept one from last Jan. 1st !!!!