May this delicately lit tree light your way into the coming year.
May the tender light words of a tree glowing in the setting sun of 2012 guide your way safely into the New Year.

Noticing then pulling over and snapping a photo out of my car window is just one of the many  new practices I began since I started a post a day for 365 days.

I’ve looked up into redwoods

gazed across the bay,

played with cookie cutters,

chased squirrels, and clouds,

developed a deeper appreciate for where I live,

gained confidences as a writer and photographer,

 learned some technology,

and when to let go and hit publish.

Above all

made so many friends around the world!

Without all of you there would be no reason to do this.

So to each and everyone who reads this I wish you

A Happy, Joufull and Prosperous

New Year

See you in 2012
See you in 2013 It looks like 2013 will come before the end of the world. Now what should my subtitle be?

PS let’e do resolutions tomorrow we’ve got all year!

14 thoughts

  1. I’ve enjoyed your daily blogs Carol. Hope you are going to continue doing it. Great way to keep in touch too. I’m proud of your photography. You have had some really great pictures!! Keep it up, and Happy New Year to you and your family.



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