Often Called an alignment  the planets have arranged themselves in a parade
The planets have arranged themselves in this rare parade or conjunction. You will not often see Moon, Neptune, Mercury, Sun, Mars, Venus and Uranus so close together.

Star Arrangements or constellations just after sunset as seen directly west over San Francisco (latitude 37) Taken from my phone app Sky Map. I was out looking for the comet Panstarrs using the phone app to help me find exactly where the sun had set when I noticed this  startling arrangement of planets.

For more about the comet go to Nasas Guide for Viewing Panstarrs. It has already made it’s way through the Southern Hemisphere and is now crossing the equator towards us in the North, So Sorry Jake who suggested Sunday Post Arragment  that the Comet has passed you by.

Sunset Arrangement Guid for Viewing Comment
Sunset Arrangement Guid for Viewing Coment
 Important Dates:
March 11: New Moon 12:51 PM PDT (22º Pisces); Mars enters Aries 11:26 PM PDT
March 17: Mercury turns direct 1:03 PM PDT (6º Pisces) YEA!
March 20: Equinox 4:02 AM PDT
March 22-26: Mars conjunct Uranus (8º Aries) and square Pluto (12º Capricorn)
March 27: Full Moon (7º Aries-Libra)

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  1. I love stargazing when I was a kid till I grow up I don`t know how many shooting star I have seen because it`s too much .Thanks for sharing my friend 🙂


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