A Storm Story with a Blessing of Marmalade

IMG_0623Marmalade on pumpkin bagel,

one bite crunch, then

crack! The storm breaks outside.

Does she have time to finish

before running for shelter?

“Might as well enjoy it” she thinks,

“this may be the last food for a while”. Crack! rethinking,

she stuffs the sticky treat into her pocket, calls the

Last look out her window

Just before a storm

dog and they run toward the basement

just as kitchen windows shatters…


Friends around the world this is fiction! Tuesday Tryouts by Margo Rody suggested we write about eating and weather. Having grown up running for the cellar on more than one occasion, it was easy to imagine this story. Of course tornadoes are on everyone’s mind with twister’s still dancing around the mid west. I was born very near this week’s Illinois tornado swarm.

May All Beings find shelter and be safe and well fed.

16 thoughts on “A Storm Story with a Blessing of Marmalade

  1. Well, we did go to our cellar a few times when we were growing up. But I don’t think our parents ever thought about taking food down there. What was wrong with them?? Did it take that many years to even think about doing that. lol If I had a cellar I’d sure do it now though. I thought about our old cellar this week while watching news on the storms back east. Sure glad we had a place to go up there in tornado alley!! Don’t have quite as many tornados down in this part of the state as we did up north. Glad of it too.



    • Now weren’t there canned goods in your basement? I swear I remember canned peaches and green beans on a shelf down there.
      Fortunately, almost every house in Ill has a basement unlike here or Oklahoma. We’d just have to hide in the closet here.
      Ponca and OKC are in tornado alley.
      Let me know when it snows send pictures. Put them on face book if you can 😀


      • Good grief . . . yes their were canned “everything” down in the basement. Guess we could have opened some up and enjoyed it. How come you didn’t mention it when we were down there Carol. Hee, hee
        I still have a couple of jars of canned pickles that my mother had eown there. I brought them home when we sold the house. Mom had canned them in 1947. Still look good, but . . . . . don’t think I’d try them. Ha



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