left over caroler pic
left over caroler picture “can’t keep from singing”

Last  week Ese’s Weekly Shoot and Quote suggested continual I never got around to posting for it but I had chosen the words of the old hymn and a stream picture (some versions say endless song)

“Life goes on an endless stream”

so this week when the theme is MUSIC I just add the next line for my quote:

“How do I keep from singing?”

an endless stream singing in winter
an endless stream singing in winter

As we celebrated the passing from 2013 to 2014 I kept thinking the words “life goes on.” It seemed important to hold on to nature’s messages of change: days growing longer while the earth shivers in it’s brown or white jacket and trees stand bare. I never am ready to put away the Christmas lights because I have to put up the Christmas music too.  Eva Cassidy’s version of “How Do I Keep From Singing” satisfies my winter music needs by rocking the sound of a carol with the soul of a gospel choir. Hope it does the same for you. EnJOY!

One thought

  1. I really enjoyed thw whole bouquet – words, photos and the song… So beautiful when people don’t keep from singing – I always hope they never will. 🙂
    Thank you for being a part of the challenge.


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