Oracle at the Ford-Thirsty Stones-Which Speeks to you?

an endless stream singing in winter
1-winter at the ford
2-dark water
3-Through the mist
4-A place to stop and wonder

A ford is where your way forward is crossed by water, a river, a stream in this case a creek; Grizzly Creek in Tilden Park.

According to myth, a woman, an oracle resides at fords and if you approach her humbly she will answer you questions or tell your future. I felt like if I looked into the sky reflections in these pictures long enough I might discern some meaning or auger an answer; perhaps to the question of will it ever rain again? In winter I have to wade to get across but not this year if I wasn’t taking pictures I would have  hardly noticed the water at all it is so dry. To make matters worse I was ignored by the creature on the other side.

5-Aussie oracle

My Request

Thirsty stones drinking in the sky

tell us please

will small birds pierce the clouds

to open the heavens and bring the rain?

What words must we say

to start them on their way?

When will you have drunk

all you need?

I say it’s time to

let go and


that which belongs to


Carol Carlisle

Each Monday Lens and Pens provides a  photo prompt and skill building  wisdom, please check her out.

13 thoughts

  1. A good one Carol. But looks to me like your back at Lake Ponca Park again. lol

    Neal (It was 6 degrees here this morning)


  2. Carol, I’d happily send you some snow to melt. We have more than enough and the winds are high enough to blow it over to you, no extra charge. Lovely photos. What did you use to get the edges?



    1. I’ll keep my eyes on the eastern hills for the melt water your sending. The photos were edited on my iphone with the phototoaster app. Having once done water color painting I really go for those soft edges.
      Happy Monday and keep warm
      Oh here’s some sunshine *


  3. Growing up in the city, I never really knew what a “ford” was. Always thought it was a car. I knew the term, “fording a stream” but never thought of it as a noun. This was an interesting post!!


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