Matt Harding goes around the would dancing with folks. Does anyone remember Where in the World is Carman San Diego? Like that. Some call him the Dancing Missionary. I’ll sign up for the church of dance any day!  Remember you have to open this on-line to view it. At the end is Matt, his wife and their new baby taking a bow.

Find Your Country! Find Yourself Dancing!

For us we know the wheelchair dancers in Oakland. It’s Axis Dance Company. I looked for friends in Czech Republic, and Brazil. Even if you don’t know people in other countries here’s a chance to make new friends from somewhere you’ve never been. Maybe they should have a Dance Olympics?

I hardly can stop watching this joy filled video long enough to write about it.  Last Sunday the ministers show this video twice during the church services. Once at the beginning and then at the end when we all got up and danced with it!  I couldn’t wait for today to share it with you. Bet you can’t sit still.

Happy Dance Around Friday!

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