Painted Room
Painted Room

The blank walls of a doll house provided me a canvas for painting as I pleased. Our daughters was very young. I needed my own chance for creativity at that time. While I did mine Jim and Jessie painted their own house which has long ago vanished with many other childhood projects. Mine sits in the front window of our living room making it hard to photograph.

Whole house
Whole house
Fida Kala's Garden
Frida Kahlo’s Garden. View from her bedroom where she spent most of her time.

Just for fun make room for technology! At a friend’s house.

Here's looking at you. Fun with technology.
Here’s looking at you. Look what we can do with our new tablets!!! A Friends dinning room makes room for a lot of creativity!

Weekly Photo Challenge asked for Room.  I hope you have room to express yourself!

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