It’s Wednesday I’m Wondering About Contrast

species entwined

species entwined

Taken just a few feet apart these two images tell two contrasting stories. Let them inspire you. As Margo Rody often suggests, make a list. Write down every way they are different, then you may want to put down what they have in common. That flow of words might become a poem, a story, a reminder of…

FYI: There are lichens that have been found to live for centuries. Also, you might like to know that these pictures were taken quite near yesterday’s post photo.

Wonder Wednesday is a visual writing prompt. The photos are mine but you may use them as long as I am given credit for them. I look forward to seeing what has been inspired. Don’t forget Dance Around Friday when I post music to help you dance your way into the week end.  And then for those who like to look for images (unicorns and dragons or bears oh my) in the sky I offer  Cloud Caption Monday.  

Happy writing and wool gathering,


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