We attended a party to celebrate the installation and completion of this door. It is a perfect example of the practical magic of  Taurus Full Moon. We  drank champagne and ate strawberries all because the front door in a small bungalow has been turned into a work of art through loving attention and hard work. All qualities of the Venus ruled sign of Taurus.

Here is a suggestion of another way to open the door of practical Tuarus Full Moon  magic .

This Monday, October 29, at 6:30 pm Pacific Time, all are called on to do a 15-minute meditation, just do it in your own home, parked car, on a break from work, or whatever works best.

PURPOSE: To Set the intention of happy, calm interactions with Money and Finances.    Clear your mind, make a smile and a happy feeling, apply that feeling to the thought of Money and the Economy, and send it out on a sound. You Can Om  or drum or rattle (your keys) even sigh. I hear that if many people do this, there will be a profound shift in the atmosphere around this topic.  This is so needed right now to make it easy for people to avoid feelings of anxiety and fear on this topic.  THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR SPREADING PEACEFUL, HAPPY FEELINGS IN THE WORLD ABOUT THIS.

While the Moon is in Taurus the Sun is in Scorpio, the sign of all thing unseen and in the underworld…our deepest fears. This Moon might shine light on your own darkest places. Painful but enlightening. My friend  and I had to laugh when I told her  about the dark places, because she is having the plumber come fix her sewer pipes during this full moon.

May all our pipes be washed clean. May we be freed of fears of shame and humiliation.

May all you who are in the path of Sandy be safe and dry.

8 thoughts

  1. I’m not going to say it’s weird that you posted about two things I’m processing right now! Shedding light on some of my dark places and realigning my beliefs about money. Working with a great life coach can be a bitch! Heh heh,not really but when you make a commitment to look ay your stuff, the Universe just bringsit on, in a way that you can’t mistake the path. Sandy is moving up the coast towards us yet I am planning a good night’s sleep and energy for whatever tomorrow brings.


    1. I am thinking of you as the storm moves your way. I am just the star reporter about these things. Thanks for your report it helps me know I’m in sync when I profoundly connect with you. Many blessings to you.


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