Wonder Wednesday: Tell Me the Story Of Ray

This is Ray, he shows up every Tuesday at Rubios Tacos and the staff



greet him like a king. They guide him to a seat, he’s nearly blind  you see, and bring him his special order and when he is done a waitress walks him across the street to Starbucks for his coffee. When I asked about him all they knew was that one of the girls had seen him walking all the way across town from Berkeley a good 3 or 4 miles,  he wouldn’t take a ride he likes the walk. And his name is Ray.

It makes me wonder who he is and what gives him all this spunk and the great smile. This makes a nice writing prompt for those so inclined, fill in the gaps, create a character study. Is he a retired UC Professor or a homeless guy? Have fun and share your results in the comments. If you use the picture  in your post credit Carol Carlisle at Light Words please.

Wonder Wednesday: A Pair of Feathered Beauties

Two Beauties at Carnival Parade

Two Beauties at Carnival Parade

What might the story be of these two contrasting dancing beauties dance along Mission Ave. during Sunday’s Carnival Parade?  Both still going strong halfway through the 2 mile parade route. Will the headdresses stay on and how will their feet feel? So much to wonder while we smile along with them.

PS My Daughter did just fine.

Jessie in the center

Jessie in the center. Her group got to wear  comfortable boots.

This is a writing prompt. Please go ahead and use the picture if you riff of it. Just please give me credit and pass on your work in the comment section. Happy writing.

Carol Carlisle

NaPoWriMo Poem Daybreak

First find the Face in the Shadows?

Drifts fo petals

Among the drifts of petals, in the shadows a face appears Rumpelstiltskin to take you child away. Ah, but we know his name. We are safe as long as all can find his face.

For those who have followed my Cloud Caption Monday I offer shadows today. The iphoto  program actually labeled a shadow “unknown face” when I was getting it ready to put it in here today. I tried a quick poem in the caption, maybe you can write a poem too. Until then here is a my poem for April 15. Margo Rody’s poem Daybreak yesterday inspired me.

This Day

Still a little cold this April morning

after a warm spell the lilac

needs watering I must go out

through the dewy grass green

as the hummingbirds throat

he buzzes me enter

the back lot

the path I am now on earth

sprinkled with flower petals

a hot pink snow fall

the daybreak calls of jay and dove

soar and echoes above the apple tree

am I gardener or bride I wonder

so elegant the music

of the morning.

Carol Carlisle

Wonder Wednesday: The Power of The Poet

Previously unknown Sandburg poem focuses on power of the gun

feature image
Photo by
Ben Woloszyn

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — In an apparently unpublished and previously unknown poem, Carl Sandburg addressed the topic of guns. Titled “A Revolver,” the short piece was discovered last week among Sandburg’s archives, housed in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champai

Wonder Wednesday: The Daffodil Challenge

Since is "A host of golden daffodils" is already written."The best way to speak of daffodil is from  personal experience.

Since is “A host of golden daffodils” is already written but there must be something else to be said. Perhaps a good way to avoid cliché  is to speak of daffodil might be from personal experience. I seems I have taken to doing my own prompts. Feel free to try you hand at the Daffodil Challenge and write your own poem or story or take your own photo and share with us in the comments.

Our Daffodil Awakens

I stand amazed every

February. “Oh Yes I planted her there!

I do believer she’s early this year!”

Brave gardians of the front steps

Daffodil must struggle

through the rose bramble

grown up around her.

The Prince had an easier time

reaching Sleeping Beauty. However,

our Golden Maiden arises, as she pleases,

to happely kiss the world awake.

Carol Carlisle

Wonder Wednesday: Public Eavesdropping

(If you click on the photos you can see all 3 as a slide show, hit escape to get back.)

I keep doing that myself. Either this is a stand alone visual poem or is there a story?  Maybe a conversation. Would it help if I told you I found out the little dog’s name is Dude?

Okay I love to public eavesdrop. You know sit invisible and listen to other peoples conversations. If  I just let go they can become whole stories or even poems (folks tend to repeat themselves ).

The Tale of Little Dude

“Hey Little Dude, I haven’t seen you in a while!”

“I use to live with Little Dude.”

“Little Dude sure has calmed down.”

“Little Dude would have been off  chasin’  with the other dogs.”

“Let’s go Little Dude.”

Little Dude came up and licked my face before he left.

Little Dude knew I was there.

If you are of a mind have fun making up your own story or try public eavesdropping as a story starter. Watch  Tina Fey’s movie Date Night for a great example of this art form.

Headless Dog Wonder Wednesday A Day Late

My work schedule changed so Wonder Wednesday has gone for a walk to Thursday.

Ok Have fun writing about the headless, 6 legged, 2 tailed dog. It appeared this week on Wading Day but I couldn’t help re-releasing it inspired perhaps by ” Thriller” being played on the shop-early-for-Halloween TV  commercial. You get the picture. Spooky stuff start early this year.