Or what if you put some thought bubbles above the Rainbow man and the folks around him?  Might make an interesting story.

He certainly to expands your imagination and curiosity!

I happened to meet him later in street clothes and he told me about himself where he comes from and what his plans and dreams are. You could make up your own story about him.  Is it time to write that space alien sci-fi short story you had been thinking about?

Let me know what you come up with and please come back and read and  gently comment on each others light words.

22 thoughts

  1. Ok so here is my idea, maybe this is a guy who has seen a lot in life, a lot of bad stuff. Maybe he realized that just because somebody wears a designer outfit, or drives a sports car doesn’t necessarily mean that they are happy. Everybody has a story. And we can easily see the growing frustration in everybody’s lives. So he thought that he might take people’s attention away from their worries and so he decided to wear a bright and colorful and apparently weird outfit to gain attention. I mean anybody who even glances his way will stop and consider. No one will walk away. And this will give them a chance to temporarily forget about their worries and just you know, think about other things. And this probably makes him happy. To relieve the people of their worries even for five minutes.


  2. If you live in Berkeley, Cal., you say;
    ‘I would like a slice of cheese pizza.’
    or; ‘Doctor, do you really think these dreams about my mother are important for a breakthrough?’
    or; ‘Officer, I was going to move it, please don’t give me a ticket.”
    or’ ‘Yes, Mr. Jones, I know Timmy is having problems getting his homework turned in on time, but he has soccer practice every night.”
    or; ‘Excuse me, Mr. Mayor, can we talk about the budget now?’


            1. Yesterday’s photo was from the Albany Bulb near the race track. Many of my picts are from there, Fog and GG Bridge. I’ll take a look. I have a friend who lives on Ardmore in Kensington


              1. That is my favorite thing about Berkeley. If you go there for one day, nothing that anybody ever says or wears or does in public will surprise you again. And it was more that way back in the 70’s.


                1. i came here in the 70’s I am now surprised by how ordinary it seems to me. I forget that this isn’t how the rest of the world is. The Co-op grocery on Telegraph is a giant Whole foods now.


  3. Rainbows usually come after a rain with the sun shining just right…So maybe our fella went through a storm…The hurt has dissipated…letting the sun shine through…and he turned into this most delightful Rainbow Colored figure …Giving away smiles and joy as he goes along the streets of the city…


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