Sunday Post: Tapping Into Black and White

This IPhone snapshot of the 100 year old tree next to Jack London’s home draws us into it’s whole life’s story of with it’s twisted branches and pock marked trunk; when with a few taps of my fingers it turned into a Black and White Photograph using Instagram.

Color version

I miss the magic of the the darkroom as the image suddenly appears in the developing fluid. But it sure was fun and quick. It will be interesting to see how it looks printed.

I didn’t even notice (because I read it on my phone) that our fearless leader Jakesprinters  had a tree as an example in black and white. Go check him out maybe you would like to play with him each weekend.

12 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Tapping Into Black and White

  1. Well, you have captured one of my all time favorite images, and the amazing thing is this: every tree is different. No matter how many images I have looked at. I really like your black and white. I do not have instagram on my iPhone, and am trying to decide if I should get hipstamatic, or instagram or the apple iphone app. Which photo app works the best for you? By the way, my favorite place to visit in Sonoma county is the Jack London home site. Is it still open?


  2. Carol the fun thing about apps is you can have as many as you want. I have a friend who competes with me to see who has the most. Get the free app finder app and read about each one. Instagram is so easy!
    It was so hot when we were in Sanoma I think the picture captures the heat too.


  3. Well it’s right next to the house. I wonder if he planted it. Digital art can be magic too but not the true alchemy developing your won pictures was is I should say. I’m sure someone still does it I hope 🙂


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