Sparks of creativity are going off all around me.

I had been planing to post this  B&W photo  of lit fireworks when I opened Lynn Purse’s The Four Elements:Light  post where she announces her latest CD. Please go see beautiful video and get a free down load of her music  for the Element  “light”.  Obviously my favorite.

She also enclosed quote from Victor Frankl : What is to give light must endure burning.”

This is what I wrote in my writing class this mourning from  all these inspirations

Late Summer

Lost in a dry landscape

walking on crunching grass

afraid any spark will

set my path on fire

at the same time longing for

a bright flame to guide me

toward the the story

about the lush place

I thought was home.

I will endure the dry grass

one step after the other

until there is a lighting strike

or the tender burning of

“Once upon a time…”

Carol Carlisle

I’m going ti file this under Jakesprinters because his prompt Black & White sparked this whole enterprise.

10 thoughts

  1. Good one Carol. Our crunch here in the McAlester area is gone. Over 4″ of rain in the last 10 days. Things greened back up and it’s wonderful.


    P.S. Still thinging about that ice cream. May have to go take care of that. lol


      1. By the way, I still love black and white photos. That is what I took so much of in my younger days. Color is beautiful, but the B&W ones make you imagination work more.



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