The Power of Fierce Beauty

Inlaid with abalone

Carved from a gourd.

Inscribed with runes

of such fierce beauty

only our the spirals

of our dreams

can ford what it means.

I wonder: What would happen to the hopes and dreams, cares and concerned cooked in such a container or cauldron if you will?

What shifts transformations or transmutations might occur.

Today August 22 the Sun Moves from Summery Leo to Back to School Virgo. Just something else to think about, write about, dream about and share with others. You may use the Images as a prompt if you like. I took it in a little modern art gallery and I don’t know anything else about it except it fascinates me. How does it effect you?

18 thoughts

  1. Beautiful! My first thoughts are about respect….I have so much respect for the person or persons who created this beautiful piece.

    And then, my thoughts of respecting their beliefs, traditions, etc., we live in a culture of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and I often think how each religion takes the stand that they are right.

    I then think of the symbols, wondering what they all mean, how much time did it take for this person(s) to craft this, what types of tools were used…it certainly sparks a lot of questions and curiosity for me. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


    1. You know I was the nervous about posting this because there might be folks that would be upset by the images and symbols but I went with the power it held for me. What you say here makes me glad I believed in myself. It is sooo important NOW that we respect different religions, beliefs and traditions. Curiosity is one of the best tools we have for moving forward and staying open. Thank you for sharing RH 🙂


      1. Bless your heart, thanks so much for your wonderful words! I grew up in one such home where it was ‘our’ way or no way. How in the world could the entire population of humans from the beginning of time be wrong? I have always had a fascination for people of other cultures and tend to find them quite beautiful.

        Self-imposed limiting beliefs does nothing to help heal our world. Thanks so much for this conversation starter!


        1. I too grew up with similar narrow views. I often wonder how or what cause people you and me to shift our mind set. Now if we could bottle it! Aw well conversations on the web may work, as well. Who knows who might see what we write and have a change of heart. One could only hope, thank you for your kind words of encouragement.


    1. this gourd is from a little art gallery somewhere in Sanoma County. just a wide place in the road. I had just got my IPhone and was snapping pictures like mad. I do remember it was for sale $1200. well worth the price I just don’t have it. so it will have to live in the “spiral of my dreams and my phone 🙂


  2. The images on this pot floated all around me for several days. I didn’t want to be too specific about the meaning of each because I wanted folks to have their own dreams. I hope you had beautiful ones yourself. As Joss often says May you dream in beauty.


  3. Hi Carol, Wow, I wish I knew what it means; but it does seem very important/powerful somehow, doesn’t it? One can only imagine how much work went into the creation of this amazingly beautiful, priceless piece of (he)art. But to even consider putting a price seems sacrilegious somehow, does it not?


  4. About speaking of the price. Well hmmm The artist needs to be compensated and honored and unfortunately money is the way we do it in our culture. It is in a tiny art gallery, I wish it was in a museum!


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