How the Cookie Cutter Family Prepare for Christmas

The Cutter Family Wishes Everyone Sweet Ginggery Joy
The Cutter Family invite in a lot of company at Christmas to help create Sweet Gingery Joy!

The Baker

The Baker who also is celebrating her Birthday. It confuses the Cookie family because they don't know if they are Christmas cookie or Birthday Cookies
The Baker who also is celebrating her Birthday today. It confuses the Cookie Cutter family because they don’t know if they are making Christmas cookies or Birthday Cookies.

Much Love and Joy To One and All!

This A Sunday Post topic from The Sweet Cookie Jake.

16 thoughts

  1. Well, Happy Birthday Carol. Also, if I was eating, I’d expect one of those cookies. lol
    I can remember your birthdays from way, way, way, way back. Hee, hee
    I also know how old you are!! And yes I know that your STILL younger than me. Again, Happy Birthday from a long time friend.



  2. So sorry for my late comment Carol so busy last week to my printing job here Merry
    Christmas my friend ,Stunning images 🙂


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