George didn't get us!
Young George didn’t get all of us!
Clouds of Pink
Clouds of Pink Line a road in the Berkeley Hills on the last sunny day for a while.
Just incase you think the sun always shines In California. I actually am looking forward to some real weather.
Just incase you think the sun always shines In California. I actually am looking forward to some real weather.
When I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area from Southern California in the early fall many years ago it rained every day for months. I was sure I was in the wrong place until one day in February I came around a corner by the University and was blossom bombed. Pink clouds appeared in the mist then came into focus as the flowers from hundreds of fruit trees wisely planted up and down every road in town. The weather can suddenly change, lightning may strike or petals fall and every thing is different. That it happened when I realize I had found my home.
The men we honor today  in the US where change makers, with a capital C. When was there a time a small but dramatic time of change for you.

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  1. Your lovely cherry blossoms remind me that the President’s day holiday not being just about having a “day off”. I wonder if anyone even tells Washington and the cherry tree story anymore???? It does not matter whether it was “true” or not, as a child it was a lesson to us to be honest.


  2. Ah, my favorite time of year is when the shrubs and trees bloom. Hasn’t happened here yet. Probably about a month before things will bloom. When I moved from Ponca to McAlester, I thought I had come to the end of the earth!!! This part of the state was about 20 years behind the rest of the world. But it has now been 50 years as of last month that I came down here. Beautiful lake now, and less than 30 miles east of us you get into the Oklahoma mountains. Really beautiful. I wouldn’t want to go back to northern Oklahoma now for anything. I tell people that even though I didn’t like S.E. Oklahoma 50 years ago . . . . now, “I am one of them”. lol
    Great pictures Carol.



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