Write As If Your Life Depends Upon It: A Story Of Triumph!

Beth (rt) with other Members of Write For Your Life Circle

We held our breath all day

that Wednesday after labor day

until the subject line read “Beth’s fine”

out of surgery and in ICU.

We rejoiced!

The clogged artery is clear.

She’s tough at nearly 90, we tell each other

while wait for her to return home.

Then we bring her soup

and walk with her around the block.

Last week I took her to an appointment

fallowed by tea and rhubarb pie.

Her eyes sparkled. Our Beth is back

our writing teacher will soon

return to her place in the Circle.

Then we learn while we were out

“they” broke in and took her

memoirs 90 years of living

but not her life.

Jewelery and money and the computer

were gone in a flash.  No

it wasn’t backed up, her son feels so awful.

As we stand in shock and disbelief

allow Nancy Shaffer’s words

wash over our grieving hearts

“We need the gift of starting over, beginning
Again: just this constant good, this
Saving hope.*”

*from Instructions in Joy

That’s what Beth does, she bring a us a poem to reflect on every week. Then to write as if our life depended on it. It works!

You might remember I wrote In Praise of Writing Groups a few weeks back. So this is our leader who was robbed of her life’s work but her spirit strong. As we walked around the block Sunday, she asks me to look at the blue sky. Then remained me how good it was that we stayed out for tea, because it would have been a lot worse if we had walked in on the robbery in progress. I thought I was there to take care of her but she was calming my fears. She takes her profession as teacher and bringer of peace to the world very seriously.

Dear readers what are the the lessons to be learned here?                                                                                                                1.Back up, back up, back up! (I email everything to myself) Does anyone know how permanent WordPress Posts are?
2.Your living, breathing, life is what is important.

13 thoughts on “Write As If Your Life Depends Upon It: A Story Of Triumph!

  1. I believe your archive is good for the long term but do back it up. Emailing yourself the posts but not linked to WP (as the link may become inactive and lead nowhere) is the best bet, or copy and paste them into a Word doc. – The photos may or may not transfer, I’m not sure.

    The poem has a beautiful message and sentiment. It warms my heart 🙂 Thank you


  2. That’s good and sad. How terrible to have your stuff stolen like that. But glad she is doing well. Now, about the rhubarb pie . . . my Mother used to make it . . . wouldn’t eat it then and sure won’t eat it now. And yes, I did try it about 60+ years ago. Yuk!! lol



  3. An oxymoron poem of happiness and sadness. Perhaps the robbers will have second thoughts when they see what they have done. Yes: Back up and in more than one place – I use flash disks all the time.


    • We can only hope, I am writing something for the local news letter. Let’s hope the thieves can read and will be move to return the memory drive, Flash disk ok another place good. Thank you.


  4. My heart was inspired reading about Beth’s return, but then I gasped when I read her treasures were stolen. External drives continue to come down in price as new technology floods the market. I’m growing increasingly curious of online or ‘cloud’ storage where one pays an annual fee. Makes me think the famous saying, “Always have a plan B”. 🙂

    And yes, no better reminder to write as if our lives depended on it. VERY sage advice, indeed. Thanks for sharing and give Beth a hug for me?


  5. How sweet of you RR. You need to not only have a B plan but C and D. I lost some photos when my eternal drive went hey wire. Fortunately I had put some on a thumb drive. I will pas your hug on.
    ❤ Carol


  6. I so wish I had started printing my blogs as I wrote them…I am going to start doing this today…I so hate it that your lovely friend was robbed…It makes me wonder if they would even care about what they took from her??? Her precious writings…Probably not…Best to her…mkg


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