Who among you has a Stylish Hat or 2?

Jake’s theme for the Sunday Post was People, and I couldn’t resit sharing this candid from the Solono Stroll. The Lady getting dog kisses is a well known, sprightly octogenarian, who is much photographed. Yes I know it’s Monday, but hey, I’m from laid-back and stylish California. 😉

In other news note my Post A Day Badge.  Isn’t it Stylish?.  If you haven’t noticed I have been doing a post a day since Jan. 1 but it was only yesterday that I finally figured out how to “grab” the badge with a lot of help of my friend.  It’s about time with less then 100 day left in the year. Thank you Lonnie. As always thanks Jakesprinters.

9 thoughts

    1. Would you believe that “grab the badge” is the instruction on the word press page! I’m Carol. Lonnie and I do think of ourselves as sisters, maybe you were just getting the “California” vibe 😉 Lesley, if that is your name. 😉


  1. Carol, Don’t feel bad…I’ve been posting since June of 2011 and still haven’t figured how to grab a badge or add lots of neat things to my blog.☺
    I love the photo…and finding a new site to post on when life slows to a roar.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine


  2. I remember a couple of your Mother’s hats. Can’t say that they were stylish though. lol Seem’s like she always wore the same hat when they went rock hunting.



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