Over the Hill 2 blocks away!

 Jakesprinters Suggested the Theme Surroundings.

After 30 years I am still  amazed every time I drive over this hill and see this view. I may have even posted this this photo on more that on occasion. I am helpless in it presence…that’s it I was hypnotized in putting it up again 😉  This is where we watch fireworks on the 4ht if it’s not foggy.  SF bay, GG Bridge, Angel Island, Mount Tam and I-80 that goes all the way Across the USA all in one click. How could I help myself. I didn’t leave the state this year, I let the world come to me though the bloggeshpere and language students come to my house from all around the world.

My Surroundings this morning:  the “office”  where I write right now with reflected files.
Out an other window  in my “office”, the kitchen, on a rainy morning.

I always imagine my fellow bloggers working in sunny kitchens. If not your spirits sound like they come from such a place. Nosy me would love to know what your surroundings are like. If you care to share. Happy Sunday!

15 thoughts

  1. Good pictures Carol. The first on especially. It has almost everything in it. Mountains, water, the bridge, highway and cars, houses, just about everything. Love the other pictures too. Like the last one!! Looks like one that I would think was interesting and take. You have a good eye.



    1. But boy has photography changed since then. I really loved taking black and white pictures, then developing the film in our basement and printing the pictures. Was so enjoyable because with those shots I was creating something. I think you even watched me do that some.
      Now that digital photography has come along it’s just a different world. I enjoy digital too, but it’s just so different. But life goes on and new things come along. (Like outhouses, then the indoor bathrooms.) Hee, hee (Couldn’t help throwing that in.)



  2. You need to download instagram. It is an application that edits photos on your smart phone. I use it on all the pictures you see on my blog. It’s really fun to change them! Yea in door plumbing!


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